Let us not get weighed down,      

but instead lift ourselves up

A few people requested to view BEFORE and AFTER pictures, which I had hoped to avoid.  However, with careful consideration, it felt best to reveal complete honesty in hopes that it would assist or relate with others who may have experienced the same struggles.  



In 2003, with a then two year old son, we could only hope to expand our family with more children; instead, MOTHER NATURE would have alternative plans.  By thirty years of age, not only would I suffer three (3) miscarriages, but also one (1) ectopic pregnacy and spiraling struggles of depression.  In hopes of moving forward, Infertility Treatments seemed the next direction, meaning very expensive, experimental and maybe a baby.  No real thought was placed into details, only the end result of having a child.  I leapt willingly, yet completely unprepared to handle the storm ahead.



For over three (3) years I endured daily hormone shots filled with synthetics, five (5) rounds of Clomid,  daily Glucophage for one (1) year and had five (5) surgeries - sick everyday during that time to what had become a norm.  Sadly, I no longer recognized myself nor the irratic cycle that had consumed me.


Concealed under a canvas of makeup displaying a facade, quickly drowning without a perserver, I was faced with my greatest and most private struggle - a nervous breakdown.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  Forced to walk away - beaten, worn and drained.  As my turn of events eventually altered with a silver linning (yes, I did finally conceive, but we'll leave THAT journey for another time), so had the impact of my weight.



Gaining forty-five (45) pounds during Infertility and another forty (40) pounds during pregnancy,  I was at my heaviest.  Even two (2) years after the birth of our daughter, I held my weight of 200 pounds - not wise for anyone, let alone a short stature such as myself.   


Why share this?  Simply to assure that everyone gets to a heavy place in their life and can be challenged with more than one can carry.  It's easy to judge, even question WHY NOT JUST EXERCISE?  However, some things are easier said than done, as life's rollercoaster can offer an array of  direction filling it with daily tasks of spouses, kids, work, home, school, etcetra, etcetra.  I assure, becoming the cruelest word to anyone F A T was not part of my plan.


So, view my BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES and please be kind - it has been a long journey.  These herbal supplements are not a magic pill, but can assist in gaining control of our weight.  As they have offered assistance for me, it is with confidence that it can assist others as well.  


Many well wishes, extended health with much success to everyone and As Always Happy Slimming! ​​​







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